Kevin Schaich

Solving Hard Problems

I'm a forward-deployed engineer at Palantir. Right now I'm working with one of the world's largest auto manufacturers to build reliable, high quality vehicles. Before that I spent a year working with a global oil supermajor to overhaul monitoring of well integrity, keeping people and the environment safe.

Prior to Palantir, I interned as an infrastructure engineer at Workday and a backend engineer at Shopkick. I studied computer science at Cornell University.

I'm on LinkedIn, GitHub & Instagram. Mintable, Billboard, Debt, and are some of my side projects.


I grew up in the suburbs of Western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. As a kid my favorite things to do were anything action sports, including (very badly) BMXing, paintballing, skiing, dirtbiking, and boating. More recently, I've moved to San Francisco, California and taken up photography, snowboarding and cars, and when I'm at home I try to golf with my dad (double digits are a good day).

My favorite TV show is Top Gear – I've seen every episode in all 22 seasons (while it was still on BBC). I've also watched The Office more times than I can count. I've recently adopted a 4-year-old Golden Retriever named Rusty and would be thrilled to talk about him at great lengths.

I've never left North America except for an 8-day ring-road trip around Iceland. I'm hoping to change that very soon. My last name is German, you say it "shike" (rhymes with bike).