👋  Hi, I'm Kevin.

I'm a computer scientist and software engineer by education, graduating with a B.S. in Computer Science from Cornell University's College of Engineering. I've spent the last five years working at Palantir helping the world's most important institutions solve their hardest data problems.

I've been fortunate enough to work in a hugely diverse range of industries, including Oil & Gas (BP), Automotive Manufacturing (Stellantis – Formerly FCA), Financial Services (Fiserv – Formerly First Data), National Defense (U.S. DOD), Telecommunications, and Aviation. I've worked in Business Development as both a technical and strategic individual contributor, led an enterprise contract, converted new deals, and managed large teams internally and externally with our customers.

I'm in a uniquely leveraged position to contribute in my next venture, thrive in the unknown, tackle impossible problems, and bring cross-functional knowledge including:

  1. A deep understanding and empathy of end users' problems.
  1. The ability to communicate, scope, and lead teams toward clear requirements.
  1. The technical skills to bootstrap and execute on solutions extremely quickly.

I'm looking for somewhere I can have outsized impact in product, engineering, and business strategy at an early stage company employing technology to revolutionize society's approach to historically messy problems.

Outside of work, I build open-source software, most notably Mintable, a free tool which to manage & automate personal finance analysis with no ads or data collection. I'm an avid cyclist / runner / skier, road tripper, and podcast fan; I dabble with guitar & producing electronic music. 2023 goals include a century (100-mi) bike ride and a half-marathon. Talk to me about photographypersonal finance, your morning Chemex routine, cars (& Top Gear), or your favorite cold open on The Office.


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